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From nutrients to grain marketing, The Andersons is committed to meeting your needs and ensuring your success in the organic marketplace.

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Whether your operation is 100% organic certified, in transition, or if you are considering transitioning, The Andersons can tailor a program of products and services to fit your needs. Our portfolio is designed to help you succeed in the organic marketplace by helping you outgrow with nutrients and outperform with grain marketing.

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Our new interactive Cost of Production tool allows growers to explore comparisons between conventional and organic return on investment. Select your state and county and start exploring today!

Outgrow with nutrients.

The Andersons offers a range of crop nutrients and soil amendments approved for organic use. Each one is ready to meet the volatile demands of organic production for both plant and soil health. Your crops deserve the best. We began our research and development of organic products more than five years ago with the creation of our humic solution product line. Our team is actively researching and developing new products to expand our OMRI listed portfolio and better serve your operation’s needs. As a partner with The Andersons, you will improve your soil health, increase crop yields, and grow your bottom line with high-quality, hassle-free products.

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Outperform with grain marketing.

Working with The Andersons on your organic, specialty and non-GMO crops provides you the marketing flexibility and service you need in a partner. You can spend more time focused on your operation with the utilization of our full-line of risk management services. We can arrange on-farm pick up, or you may deliver to one of our designated facilities, or a facility within The Andersons network. We will work with you during every step to handle the details.

As a customer of The Andersons you gain the partnership of our professional logistics team, grain merchandisers, and years of market knowledge. As a licensed grain dealer, we can offer an array of contracting options; flat price, acre and/or bushel contracts, forward pricing contracts and often times, premium offer programs to take advantage of opportunities in the market.

Transition with consulting services.

Growers who are transitioning or considering transitioning from conventional to organic farming practices will benefit from partnering with The Andersons. The three year transition period, and your commitment to sustainable practices, involves many milestones. You don’t need to go through this process alone. Avoid frustration and missteps that could delay the process by working together with our transition consulting team. Whether you are just beginning or have already created your Organic System Plan (OSP), you will have professional support and oversight as you move toward your goal of achieving organic certification.

These services, combined with our professional merchandising staff may be able to offer assistance for contracting bushels during this time of transition for your farm. We will work for you to find a home for the crop.

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