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​This is the second post in my series of reviewing the available products from our new organic warehouse in Waterloo, Indiana...

The Andersons OMRI-Listed Carbon Solutions

Dani Kusner
Posted July 3, 2019 by Dani Kusner

This is the second post in my series of reviewing the available products from our new organic warehouse in Waterloo, Indiana. This week, we are going to review The Andersons OMRI-listed carbon solutions. With available carbon products from The Andersons, a grower can choose to apply a carbon source either in a user-friendly dispersing granule (DG) with Humic DG™ or Black Gypsum DG®, or as a liquid addition to tank mixes with K-Mate SG™ or Fulvic LQ™.


Humic DG granules from The Andersons contain 70% humic acid, 10% humic acid precursor, fulvic acid and humic. The product is OMRI-listed and is formulated with DG technology to create spherical, ultra-dry particles that rapidly disperse into thousands of microparticles upon contact with moisture. Humic DG granules’ increased surface area, when compared to screened humate, has been measured to be four times more efficient.

The Andersons has tested Humic DG in organic corn production for the past two years and found consistently positive results. In 2017 and 2018 in Wisconsin, Humic DG was applied at a rate of 10 lbs/acre in-furrow, with manure broadcast pre-plant. Both years yielded a similar result, with a yield advantage of 10.26 and 10.82 bu/ac, respectively, compared to the treatment where only manure was applied. In organics, your goal is to maximize soil carbon and nutrient cycling that naturally occurs from thriving soil microbial communities. This is why the addition of carbon in Humic DG helps to provide a consistent yield increase to the organic crop.


Black Gypsum DG granules from The Andersons provide a homogenous blend of gypsum and humic acid, containing 17% calcium, 13% sulfur, and 10% humic acid. The product is OMRI-listed and features DG technology which provides a spherical, ultra-dry granule that rapidly disperses into thousands of microparticles upon contact with moisture. These microparticles deliver calcium, sulfur, and carbon directly into the soil. The DG technology allows for reduced application rates, as compared to other agricultural-grade gypsum products, which makes this an economical soil amendment.

This product allows growers to apply both gypsum and humic acid in one pass. Black Gypsum DG should be spread in the spring, ahead of planting or at planting, to provide the same immediate in-season benefits of gypsum. The Andersons has tested Black Gypsum DG in organic corn production in the state of Wisconsin. In 2017 and 2018, Black Gypsum DG was applied at a rate of 150 lbs/acre broadcast pre-plant with manure. The portion of the trial treated with Black Gypsum DG yielded 15.4 and 7.41 bu/acre, respectively, greater than manure alone.

Much like Humic DG, the direct addition of humic acid in Black Gypsum DG helps to balance the carbon- to-nitrogen ratio in soils and increase nitrogen use efficiency. The dual benefit of this carbon plus the calcium and sulfur in gypsum make it unique to balance soils, increasing root growth and crop resilience. Black Gypsum is available in a smaller sized granule, if needed.


The Andersons’ K-Mate SG is a super concentrated, soluble potassium humate granule that is designed for dealers and larger operations to make their own liquid humate solution. These 99% humic acid soluble granules provide maximum efficiency in solutions ranging from pH 6-12. They also contain 12% potassium. K-Mate SG is OMRI-listed and allows plants to utilize applied N, K, and micronutrients more efficiently, reducing leaching and improving soil structure. To make a 12% liquid humic acid solution, solubilize one pound of K-Mate SG in one gallon of water.

In 2017 and 2018, The Andersons tested K-Mate SG in an organic corn trial in Wisconsin. In this trial, K-Mate SG was applied at a rate of 1 gal/acre in-furrow, with manure broadcast pre-plant. This treatment yielded an 8.9 and 7.61 bu/acre advantage, respectively, compared to manure alone.

K-Mate SG is best suited to be added to a liquid tank mix for foliar or irrigation application. When an organic farmer applies a liquid nitrogen source, such as liquid fish or solubilized Chilean nitrate, the addition of humic acid or fulvic acid helps balance the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio to stabilize nitrogen and make fertilizer dollars go further.


The Andersons’ Fulvic LQ is an OMRI-listed, high purity 4% fulvic acid. This formulation contains a high concentration of the measurable fulvic fraction of humic substances, helping plants to better realize their full genetic potential. Fulvic LQ’s clearer golden color compared to other carbon substances enhances its user-friendliness and optimizes compatibility. Fulvic LQ’s unique properties increase bioavailability of the nutrients it accompanies in the tank and drastically increase absorption into the plant.

In both conventional and organic trials performed by The Andersons, adding Fulvic LQ has consistently increased yield due to feeding soil microbes that help mine more mineral nutrition from your soils. Fulvic LQ is one of the fastest acting biostimulants that will increase energy, growth, and reproduction in your crop.

As always, the organic or transitioning farmer takes responsibility to seek approval for all organic inputs with his or her certifier, prior to use. For additional information regarding our product selection, please call 419-891-2785, or visit or

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