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Organic feed grade corn market summary for November 2018.

November 2018 Market Update

Matt Moser
Posted December 10, 2018 by Matt Moser



Organic Feed Grade Corn

Organic feed grade corn prices have been trending down throughout this slow harvest. In September, imports equaled 933,901 bushels, which marked the third month in a row with elevated import levels. Vomitoxin has been an issue in the eastern corn belt with reports ranging between 2.1-7.8 ppm. Higher levels of VOM have supported low VOM corn pricing.

Organic Feed Grade Wheat

Organic feed grade wheat prices have been highly dependent on location and variety. An abundance of supply in the Midwest has kept prices depressed throughout the region. Notably, demand and prices remain strong in the west. However, with difficult fall weather conditions, producers have been delayed in planting their small grains.

Organic Feed Grade Soybeans

Organic feed grade soybean prices have been edging higher over the past two months. While domestic yields have been strong, high demand has kept prices on a slow rise. As we near the end of fall, quality may be an issue with several reports of sprouting and vomitoxin.

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