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Industry Article courtesy of Josh Sosland at World-Grain​

The Andersons Seeks Stability through Change

Posted August 13, 2018 by Food Ingredients Team

Industry Article courtesy of Josh Sosland at World-Grain

Measured by volume, the specialty grains business of The Andersons, Inc. could be viewed as a niche operation, a modest complement to the Maumee, Ohio, U.S.-based company’s core segments of grain, fertilizer, ethanol and rail. To Patrick E. Bowe, president and chief executive officer, the company’s foray into specialty food grains is important to a long-term strategy aimed at generating growth while providing more stable earnings.

For decades the company has been a major supplier of wheat, corn and soybeans to flour milling and grain processing customers in the United States. Recent moves have positioned the company to become a leading supplier of organic, non-bioengineered and identity-preserved grains. In a recent interview, Bowe described The Andersons’ move into specialty grains as well as broader changes that have occurred at the company in recent years.

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