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​This is the last post in our series of outlining the available OMRI-listed products from The Andersons new organic warehouse in Waterloo, Indiana...

The Andersons OMRI-Listed Primary NPK Granules

Dani Kusner
Posted July 25, 2019 by Dani Kusner

This is the last post in our series of outlining the available OMRI-listed products from The Andersons new organic warehouse in Waterloo, IN. This week, we’ll review the available organic primary NPK products. While we understand you may be more concerned with weed control than NPK application at this point in the season, this overview will help to familiarize you with our offering. The chart below outlines what we have today, and we are in development of some new products and blends for 2020. Two of the products that we manufacture, Innova® organic fertilizer and SmartPhos® DG Natural, are described here in more detail.

The Andersons Organic Primary Nutrients

The Andersons SmartPhos DG

The Andersons’ SmartPhos DG Natural is a pelletized soft rock phosphorus and spreads exceptionally well compared to other forms of soft-rock phosphorus. The product is OMRI-listed and manufactured with the same dispersing granule (DG) technology that is formulated into The Andersons’ lime, gypsum, and humate products that we’ve reviewed in prior posts. The actual available phosphorus in year one will be closer to 8% with soft-rock phosphorus being a slow-release source. It has immediate in-season availability as it dissolves and delivers phosphorus directly into the soil upon contact with water.

While an organic farmer relies heavily on manure for nitrogen and phosphorus credits, the option to spread SmartPhos DG Natural in a user-friendly granule can target low P soils with a slow-release form of phosphorus. It does not contain harsh salts, and it conditions soils to build thriving microbial communities and encourage early robust root growth.

The Andersons Innova Organic Fertilizer

Innova organic fertilizer from The Andersons is a crumble-like product that is derived from soybean meal. It is OMRI-listed, high in plant-based amino acids, and can be used in all cropping situations. It has been used mostly in lawn/turf and fruit and vegetable cropping systems, in which the grower is looking for a low-salt alternative to animal sources of nitrogen. Innova releases nitrogen for a longer time compared to Chilean nitrate, 15-0-2 (another nitrogen product available from The Andersons). If you are doing alternative cropping systems, it may be a valuable input for you.

The Andersons product development with the Innova soybean meal technology has just begun. The Andersons has experienced promising results from combining the slow-release nitrogen in Innova with the soluble, immediately available nitrogen in Chilean nitrate. Consider combining both granular options, along with a humic or fulvic acid source to stabilize your organic nitrogen.

As always, the organic or transitioning farmer takes responsibility to seek approval for all organic inputs with his or her certifier, prior to use. For additional information regarding our product selection, please call 419-891-2785, or visit us at or

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